Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It’s been a while

It's been a while since I last posted. I started the blog with good intentions but due to some controversy I laid off for a while and didn't get back into it.

Hopefully I'll keep going this time!

It's been an eventful year, with some highlights being;

The CSHALS conference was great with some fabulous talks on SW stuff really being applied to Life science areas. It really made me think. Thanks to Eric Neumann for inviting me to speak on the INCHI stuff I have previously blogged about, I'm just sorry I made a bit of a hash of it in the allotted time.

SEMTech was always going to be a highlight, especially taking part in two talks. Unfortunately travel budgets didn't allow my attendance but the talks went ahead with others stepping in to do my bits as well as their own. Special thanks to Dean Allemang and Alan Greenblatt.

I've worked in some different areas this year, most notably with clinical data. This was a real eye opener if not for all the right reasons. I'll blog about this later and publish my version of an ontology I have put together to represent the SDTM standard used in the clinical arena.

I'm currently doing some projects working on FDA published data and I hope to publish some demos on this in the near future.

Back soon with lots to write about.... Hopefully.

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